This is a new piece we’re starting to let our readers know what we’ve been playing the past week. This will be coming out once a week from this point and should give a little insight into what we play just for fun. Please leave a comment letting us know what games have you hooked.

John Laster – I’ve been totally absorbed into L.A. Noire. Barely had enough time to write up a story about a new Alan Wake game coming to XBLA. Beyond pumped to see all the new XBLA games at E3.

John Carson – I’ve just started the third and final disk of L.A. Noire. John and I share the same addiction of swinging the vengeful sword of justice. If I finish it this weekend, I may look into starting the Phoenix Wright series again, or breaking out the ol’ SNES to return to one of my all-time favorites: EarthBound.

Damon Fillman – I can’t stop playing L.A. Noire.  Believe the hype — the game is great.  Also, Crysis 2 has been calling my name again.  I won’t stop until I get to rank 50!

Steve Melton – Haven’t had any interest in L.A. Noire, but I’ve been playing SEGA Rally Online Arcade and have been really impressed. It’s bite-sized rally that cuts out all the simulation stuff like vehicle damage and crazy difficult handling and courses.

James Heiger – I was overjoyed to be able to download Deathsmiles 2x this week.  It is a ton of fun for any shooter fan. Don’t worry about the language barrier on this one. I have also been getting a kick out of the Fantastic Four pinball table.

Andrew Crews – I have played Trouble Witches Neo for the majority of the week. Fun Fact about the game; Enter the Pumpkin Girl Shop and look close at the shelves in the background to find a few Xbox 360’s. One of which happens to be red-ringed. Great touch.

Perry Jackson – Like many of the writers, I’m also deep into L.A. Noire going through the Vice desk. I really enjoy it but the odd frame rate issues on the 360 kind of take me out of the experience a little. But nonetheless, it makes me still want to go around detecting things.