June doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon with another busy release day to cover today. First up is Perception from The Deep End Games. Players slowly unravel the story of Cassie, a blind heroine who is working to untangle the mysteries of an abandoned estate. This first-person narrative horror game will have players traveling to Gloucester, Massachusetts along with Cassie to help stop her from becoming a ghastly Presence’s next victim. Perception is available for purchase here for $22.99.

Next up is Refunct from Dominique Grieshofer. In Refunct players are able to experience the world around them at their own pace and with little interruption from the game as players are expected to learn on their own. There are plenty of platforming challenges throughout the world of Refunct for players to explore in the non-violent open world without death. Refunct can be purchased here for $2.99, but it currently has a 50% discount bringing the price down to $1.50 for the next nine days, as of June 7.

Last up is a new Kinect game called ZAZEN (Zen Meditation Game) from Nangok Software. ZAZEN is great for anyone that has been thinking about exploring Zen meditation as the Kinect scans the players body into the game and then corrects poses throughout the session. Users see themselves displayed in a beautiful garden which is to further help bring peace of mind and allow for more focus on the act of meditation. ZAZEN (Zed Medition Game) can be purchased here for $9.99, but for the rest of June 7 it is 20% off.