It’s a packed day for new releases on Xbox with four new titles launching today so let’s get right down to business. First up is GRIDD: Retroenhanced from Antab Studio. GRIDD: Retroenhancend is an arcade style shoot’em-up with a cyberpunk aesthetic in which the goal is to take down the system AI and the security mainframe. GRIDD takes inspiration from cyberpunk dystopian films and early home computing to create a modern experience. GRIDD: Retroenhanced can be purchased here for $11.99.

Next up is Pressure Overdrive from Chasing Carrots. Pressure Overdrive has players racing, blasting and ramming their way through endless bullets and enemies as players join “La Resistance” to bring down Count Soap and stop him from stealing water. Players are free to customize their steambuggy which will result in new play styles as well as new looks. Pressure Overdrive has two-player split screen to allow players to compete against their friends; however, there is no online multiplayer of any kind in the game. Pressure Overdrive can be purchased here for $12.99.

After that is Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure from Prospect Games, a physics-platformer that proposes an all new type of postal service. The Global Postal Service was nearing bankruptcy so they created a new system in which packages arrive via self-delivering cardboard boxes. Newbie is one of these self-delivering cardboard boxes and players are tasked with helping Newbie deliver all of the boxes thrown their way. In addition to the single player adventure, there is local multiplayer that allows up to four players to compete in races, battles and challenges. Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure can be purchased here for $29.99, but for the next eight days the the game is on sale for 25% off which brings the price down to $22. There is also a demo for those curious what Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure offers.

Last up is Canadian Football 2017 from Canuck Play. Canadian Footballl 2017 lets players jump on the gridiron with all the classic rules and features associated with Canadian Football for the past hundred years. This means that there are 12 players on the field per team at a time, three downs, twenty second play clock, and no fair catch. Canadian Football 2017 can be purchased here for $15.99.