After yesterday’s four new releases, we’ve got five new midweek releases today.

First up: AeternoBlade. It comes to Xbox One by way of developers Corecell Technology a couple years after its PlayStation 4 release. As Freyja, and aided by Vernia, seek revenge on the Lord of the Mist, Beladim, equipped with the titular weapon, AeternoBlade. AeternoBlade is available now for $14.99.

The second new release for today is X-Morph: Defense from EXOR Studios. The task is to repel an alien invasion in a game that mixes a top-down shooter with tower defense strategy and destructible environments. You can pick up X-Morph: Defense for $19.99.

Our third new release for this busy Wednesday is The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor. Metronomicon is a “rhythm RPG” from Akupara Games, blending loot-hunting, hero-recruitment and dance-based fights, which we previewed earlier this year. Its game modes include story, arena, freeplay, daily challenges, and it also features couch co-op. The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor is out on Xbox One now for $19.99.

Skandinavia Games are adding today’s fourth new release in the shape of Feral Fury, a fast-paced, rogue-lite, twin-stick shooter. Feral Fury spreads 15 procedurally-generated levels across its five chapters, with plenty of item pick-ups, and orbs granting permanent upgrades, along the way. Oh, and the playable characters is a panda. You can now get Feral Fury for $9.99.

Rounding out today’s list is Surf World Series from Vision Games. In Surf World Series there are five playable locations, ranging from Australia to South Africa to Hawaii, with three multiplayer modes on offer: Big Heat Battle, Championship, and Survival. The game also features multiple times of day for each of its locations, as well as bad weather. You can get Surf World Series today for $14.99.