Alas, the War of the Worlds has finally been conquered. Major props to our video guide walkthrough hero, Shawn Saris and his undying tenacity in the face of adversity and Martian death beam laser pain. It’s been a while, so thank you for staying with us, though many of you may have already watched the videos on your own. Now this walkthrough is for a platforming puzzler, and for the most part this game is timing and trial and error. However we have endeavored to point out new things, new enemies, detail some of the ways in which the environment can be used and abused as per each level. Be sure to take advantage of the text cues, but ultimately to get a 200/200 we staunchly recommend watching the videos in each walkthrough page. If unsure whether or not to purchase this game, please read our review.
  1. Paddington Station (Level 1)
  2. Sussex Gardens
  3. Edgeware Road (Level 3)
  4. Bathurst Mews, Bayswater Road (Level 4 & 5)
  5. Hyde Park North (Level 6)
  6. Hyde Park South (Level 7)
  7. Chahi, Cuisset, Mechner (Level 8, 9 & 10)
  8. Victoria Street (Level 11)
  9. Stamford Street (Level 12)
  10. London EC4 (Level 13)
  11. Midland Grand Hotel, Martian Cylinder, Primrose Hill (Level 14, 15 & 16)
There you have it. We hope the videos are helpful, and again ideally watch the videos all the way through. If there’s a part that you’re stuck on and you are unable to watch the videos for any reason and as such need further text support, please email us at or our Guide Coordinator directly at