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As the first season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead nears its conclusion, the developer invites players to see how their decisions from episode four, Around Every Corner, stack up against the community as a whole, just as they have with the other three episodes. See the jump for more – but be warned, spoilers for episode four abound.

How did your choices stack up against the majority? Did you make Kenny kill the boy in the attic? If so, you were in the minority – 75 percent of people did it themselves. On the other hand, if you chose to reason with Vernon, you’re with most other players – 67 percent to be exact, as opposed to the 33 percent who chose to threaten. Most players also chose to bring Clementine to Crawford, save Ben and reveal Lee’s bite to the rest of the group.

How these decisions – and other decisions made in the first three episodes – will come to bear on the fifth and final episode of the season, No Time Left, is anyone’s guess (well, except for Telltale, we suppose), but fans don’t have long to wait to see how the story concludes – the finale hits XBLA on Wednesday, giving players (American players, at least) an appetizing precursor to feasts of turkey and yams. The whole season will be bundled in one tidy package at retail outlets come Dec. 4 (with a second season planned for sometime in the future).

Since the first episode released in April, The Walking Dead has become a critical and commercial darling, selling one million copies within just two weeks of release. The game is set in the world of Image Comics‘ immensely popular comic book series of the same name and focuses on convicted felon Lee Everett, who tries to navigate an uncertain, post-apocalyptic world with other survivors, including Clementine, a young girl he’s sworn to protect. The first four episodes are available on XBLA for 400 MSP apiece. If you’re still on the fence, be sure to check out our reviews of previous episodes to see what we thought.