After months of confrontations with players, the publisher of Ultratron, Curve Digital has tweeted out and posted on its website here a detailed solution on how to obtain the previously thought to be glitched achievement Drone Bullet Kills.

As the author is a skeptical yet optimistic person, he took the gamble and purchased Ultratron
for $2.50 as part of this week’s Deal with Gold in an attempt to decipher the puzzle himself.

For the benefit of everyone, he found a method much more convenient than the one provided by the publisher, and will provide it here to help spread the word that the Achievement can be obtained, and to thank them for their efforts.

XBLA Fans’ editor-in-chief John Laster provides the voiceover instructions in how to set up the method for yourself. Achievement hunters rejoice, the full 1,000 Gamerscore is now obtainable for Ultratron.