Monday Night Combat developer Uber Entertainment recently announced Super Monday Night Combat. The game is essentially the next evolution in their gameplay, sporting new classes, adjusted gameplay and new locales. But so far it’s only been announced for PC. Uber has declined to comment on other platforms which could possibly mean that it would come to Xbox Live Arcade as well. But what about XBLA players of MNC and their promised additional DLC? Uber stated that with MNC being their freshman effort on consoles they didn’t fully understand the process. The continued updates and content proved to be a daunting process, and one that they could not sustain themselves on. Sorry, XBLA players, you’re not getting your promised DLC–not even the PC-exclusive map Uncle Tully’s Funland. Executive Producer Chandana “Ekanaut” Ekanayake had this apologetic statement for fans:

We fully expected a sh*tstorm from our console players and rightfully so. We’re sorry you feel like we’re kicking you while you’re down but for us to continue as a developer we need to push for changes and be able to sustain ourselves as a development studio. I wish I could say more about ongoing developments, but like you’ve seen with our posts, changes happen fast sometimes and somethings take a lot longer then we think.

This is somewhat of a departure from what we gathered back in June. Ekanaut stated that “Everything we’ve posted over the years on this forum has been the truth at that time. We gain absolutely nothing by leading or lying to our fans.”  He further cited Valve’s Managing Director Gabe Newell’s desire to bring Steam service to the Xbox 360, noting that until this happens frequent, live updates are much more difficult.

Fan reaction was about as varied as you could get.

Some commenters seemingly ganged up on the developer. One user on their forum stated “Normally, I would say “Trust Uber, these guys take care of their players. But its been 8 months of no comment. So history is working against them.” Another user stated “The no comment thing is getting old.” A third user felt similarly: “Me and many other Xbox players felt very cheated and lied to with no mention of updates and the announcement of Super MNC.” A fourth commenter was much more direct. He stated “So we can take this as our official ‘you’re sh*t out of luck” notification?'” One Uber staffer replied to the negative responses with “We are doing our best to support ALL of the people who play MNC.”

Others pointed their effectual guns at Microsoft. Comments such as “Too bad Microsoft is insane” and “I really wish some people understood that Microsoft sucks” littered the forums. One user stated “I fully expected MS screw you over on content delivery seeing as they didn’t budge for Valve.” Yet Ekanaut’s comment did not actually blame Microsoft, but rather suggested that Microsoft should adapt Xbox Live to accommodate Steam. Uber was careful not to point the finger at anyone but themselves. They noted that they had aspirations that they weren’t able to reach due to not fully understanding the update and DLC submission process.

Blame aside Xbox 360 users are still going to feel jaded. The question is how does Uber keep their strongest fanbase from turning on them? One staff member expressed what we can only assume the rest of the staff’s feelings are: “We want very badly to bring this game to Xbox. It’s not up to us. You’ll know when we know. I’m personally optimistic that it will happen so please again… be patient!” But is simply bringing the game to XBLA enough? Will they include some maps from the original MNC in Super MNC? Will it even make it to XBLA? Time will tell, but unfortunately the promises of future updates for classic Monday Night Combat have been shattered. We wish Uber the best of luck in this new endeavor, but we hope they remember the promises made and make good on them in some way.

Source: Uber Entertainment forums