Originally announced back at E3, Microsoft generated a lot of excitement when it announced that Twitch streaming would be coming to Xbox One. However, just days before the system launched, Microsoft backtracked, saying that while a Twitch app for watching streams would be available, Twitch streaming would not make it in time for the console’s launch.

With Titanfall, arguably the biggest exclusive for Xbox One this year, ready to drop on March 11, Microsoft has put the pedal to the metal in preparation for its launch beginning with the updates to the friends and party system on March 4 and announcing that Twitch streaming will finally be headed to Xbox One on March 11 to coincide with the release of Titanfall.

Players will be able to begin streaming any game after March 11 by simply using the phrase “Xbox, Broadcast.” Also, Twitch on Xbox One boasts the most comprehensive Twitch streaming experience on consoles by allowing for archiving of streams, picture-in-picture video feed and audio commentary, the ability to snap Twitch chat while broadcasting, as well as allowing viewers to send friend or party requests or even join in the host’s game. Note that only Xbox Live Gold members will have the ability to stream games.

Source: Xbox Wire and Engadget