Xbox One Join Party

Microsoft is gearing up for Titanfall’s release on March 11 with a mandatory system update that will fix the much maligned party system. In preparation for the update, Microsoft has released an official preview of some of the features coming in the system update:

The video showcases various changes to the party and friends systems on Xbox One including:

Party Updates –

  • Part chat is turned on by default when you first enter a party.
  • Cross-game chat is easier to use, with the new UI separating the people you are playing with from the people you are chatting with.
  • Inviting friends and other players is easier and has more features: players can invite other players to either just a party, just a game, or both a party and a game from their profile.
  • The party menu now features a button which can invite the party to a game.

Friends Updates –

  • Now much faster to check online status of friends (three button clicks or one voice command).
  • Favorite friends are sorted to the top of the list.
  • Added context menu to make it faster to friends a message, invite them to a party or compare achievements in games with them.
  • Easy to search through friends list with quick auto complete, allowing friends to be found within the first two to three letters typed.
  • Recent players list to add as friends or report for bad behavior.
  • More options on profile page for friends to make playing online with friends easier.

Essentially the update brings the Xbox One party and friends systems more in line with what players are used to from the Xbox 360 party and friends experience.