It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and today we see the release of quite a few different games. Owners of the Battlefield V Standard Edition are now able to jump into the trenches of World War II and aid in the fight. Farming Simulator 19 shows us why doing everyday farming tasks in a game is so much more fun than in real life. Bendy and the Ink Machine introduces the concept of horror into a puzzle game. ATV Drift & Tricks Definitive Edition takes All-Terrain vehicle racing to a whole different level. Storm Boy is an action-adventure title based on a 1964 children’s book. Flashback is a game based off the original 1993 game which takes place on a colonized moon of Saturn in 2142. Finally today, Youtubers Life – OMG Edition is a sims style simulation game based on the life of a YouTuber.

Get ready to stretch your farming legs. Head out into the fields, take control of over 300 different vehicles authentic to the farming experience, and work on developing your own farm in two various environments in America and Europe. Take the experience online with up to 6 players in online co-op. Featuring Xbox One X enhancements and the ability to download community-created mods. Farming Simulator 19 is available now on Xbox One for $49.99.

Bendy and the Ink Machine brings you the first-person puzzle experience with a touch of horror. Go back to the olden days of animation. You play a man named Henry who explores an abandoned workshop of Joey Drew Studios. What lies within? Many thrills and plenty of chills. Bendy and the Ink Machine is available today on Xbox One for $19.99.

Get ready to race ATV style. Take part in a variety of modes including league, time trials and quick races to name a few. Experience the definition of All Terrain with varied tracks in deserts, forests mountains and more. Achieve maximum air and take stunts and drifts to the next level. Compete against a friend head to head in two-player local multiplayer or online with up to 10 players. ATV Drift & Tricks Definitive Edition is available now on Xbox One for $29.99.

Experience a story from a 1964 children’s book that takes you to the beaches of South Australia. As the protagonist, you work to rescue various pelican chicks. Take control of storm boy and his companion Mr. Percival and experience key moments of an unforgettable story. Enjoy a wide array of fun mini-games ranging from sand drawing, sailing and pelican feeding. Features Xbox One X Enhancements. Storm Boy is available now on Xbox One for $5.99.

Take control of scientist Conrad B. Hart who escapes from a spaceship alive, with all his memory being erased. Awakening on Titan, the now colonized moon of Saturn, Conrad must evade his pursuing kidnappers and find a way back to Earth. Experience a sci-fi story that will have you unraveling a plot that threatens the very planet. Based on the 1993 video game of the same name, Flashback includes remastered audio, a new rewind function based on difficulty and tutorials for those who need them. Flashback is available now on Xbox One for $19.99.

Youtubers Life – OMG Edition is a family friendly strategy and simulation game tasking you with becoming the most successful YouTuber on Earth. You’ll need to earn subscribers by creating videos and attending events. Grow your channel by interacting with your followers. Start from your parent’s house where you create your first videos to start your following and earning your subscribers. Meet other popular YouTubers and share the experiences of your life through social media. But not everyone is your fan, be prepared to deal with the haters. Not big on life? Create your own gaming channel. Maybe start your own music channel. Or if you’re feeling crafty enough, start your own cooking channel. Youtubers Life – OMG Edition is available now on Xbox One for $29.99.