It’s time to round up the new releases again on this Tuesday, and today we have three new games coming to Xbox One.


PixARK is what happens when the world of ARK: Survival Evolved, a game all about surviving in a world filled with dinosaurs, meets the visual style of something a little blockier, more inviting. On the procedurally-generated maps of PixARK, many of the same survival elements exist, with quests that are also procedurally-generated. PixARK is made by Snail Games and published by Studio Wildcard, the team behind ARK.

PixARK is launching onto Xbox One as part of the Game Preview Program, meaning it is unfinished and liable to change drastically (ARK: Survival Evolved, similarly, went through Game Preview first), and, as such, there is both a free trial, or you can buy the full game for $24.99. Both the trial and game can be downloaded here.

Far Cry 5

Hope County, Montana is the setting for the next instalment in Ubisoft’s open-world Far Cry series, and the world of Far Cry 5 has been overrun by a cult, The Project at Eden’s Gate. The player must liberate surrounding areas and encourage resistance in Hope County. There are three version of Far Cry 5 now available on Xbox One:

MX vs ATV All Out

Our final new release of the day, a new entrant in the MX vs ATV series. MX vs ATV All Out lets you compete across motocross and ATV disciplines including supercross, nationals and opencross. Up to 16 players can race online, or two people locally in split-screen. MX vs ATV is available now for $49.99.