It was a busy day on the Xbox One storefront with UnoGROW UP, and Prominence Poker all launching today, August 16.

The classic card game is yet again available for Xbox fans. A callback to the extremely popular Uno game that was released on Xbox 360; this remade version was published by Ubisoft Entertainment and sees the return of video chat support. All of the features that one might expect are on display in this version of Uno as well as Theme Cards, a new aspect of Uno, that aims to shake the gameplay up.

Grow up is the sequel to Grow Home a Playstation 4 console exclusive that came out last year. Jump, fly and roll as you attempt to locate all of your ship parts that have been scattered across an alien planet. Or else you’ll never be able to return home. While exploring the open-world planet, players will encounter a wide variety of stunningly gorgeous flora and fauna. The game is developed by Reflections and published by Ubisoft.

Finally, Prominence Poker is a free-to-play poker game created by Pipeworks Studios and published by 505 Games. Players play against people from across the world as well as challenging AI opponents. All of which is in an effort to fight through the four different factions and get a solo showdown with “The Mayor”. Once players have bested “The Mayor”, or even before then if it strikes their fancy, players can participate in regularly scheduled events, daily challenges, tournaments and ranked modes.