If Scott Pilgrim won over your heart this past summer, it’s inevitable that the replayability and lust for this XBLA title may have fizzled out a bit. Fortunately, Cupid may have an extra arrow to impale your heart once again. It was recently announced at the 2010 Digital Day event by Ubisoft that Scott Pilgrim will have DLC coming in November. This pack will come with a new playable character, Knives Chau, a couple of new game modes, a FFA arena battle with weapons and dodgeball, and a ‘Make it Yourself’ garlic bread kit that you will just love(oven not included.)  This excellent dosage of DLC will cost you a mere 160 MS Points.

Also, in November there will be a patch that will adjust the diffculty levels, fix some bugs, and add drop-in/drop-out co-op.  No positive outlook on Scott Pilgrim ever being an online multiplayer.