After a two month hiatus Trials Tuesday returns. To download these tracks by entering Track Central, selecting Get Tracks, then pressing X to search. Enter the gamertag below to find the track. Be aware that the search is case sensitive. A big thanks to the Trials Evolution community for the borrowed videos. Hit the jump to see this week’s picks.

Track: Trials Raider
Gamertag: MMaRsu NL
Type: Trials
Difficulty: Hard

The first time through we were sure there’d be some huge boulder chasing us through a cave. It’s Trials Raider, and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark seemed like the closest association to the title. Maybe it’s themed after the Jones movies, maybe not. Either way it’s a solid ride with multiple routes.

Track: The Rise and Fall
Gamertag: FlipTaco
Type: Trials
Difficulty:  Hard

Yeah baby! Here’s another accurate Trials HD recreation. FlipTaco makes great tracks, so it comes as no surprise that this is pixel perfect. Now we just need a good remake of Stock Market. Best.Track.Ever.

Track: Mild Insanity
Gamertag: Mr Fecker
Type: Trials
Difficulty: Medium

Trippy. Yep, that’s how we’d describe this one.

Track: Munch-Man
Gamertag: mutetus
Type: Skill Game
Difficulty: Medium

Is there anything track creators can’t do? This is crazy. It’s a totally faithful reproduction of Pac-Man, right down to the chiptune intro. Holy wow! Download it now.