Tomorrow we’re re-launching our Trials Tuesday. Today we’re giving you a sneak peek at our revamped format and how to get the best tracks available. Each week we’ll feature 2-4 custom tracks or skill games we think need to be on every player’s hard drive. For the aspiring creators, here’s what we look at when seeking potential Trials Tuesday feature candidates:

  • Does it play well? We look at whether the checkpoints set up correctly, if it works for 2-3 different bikes, and if it feels like some thought was put into it.
  • Is it unique? It can be hard to sift through the ho-hum levels, particularly in the Skill Games category where every other level is a incredibly minor change on the Icarus Factor or Hill Climb defaults. That’s not to say we don’t look at those, but rest assured if all you’ve done is add one extra ramp you won’t be featured.
  • Are the medals set up well? In other words, are bronze, silver, and gold realistically attainable and spread out well?
  • Is it quality? Are you someone who spent time giving your track or skill game pizazz with things like explosions, physics hinges and the like? Bonus points if so.
  • Does it have a decent name? Tracks named “Test” or “Dave’s Aw3sUm Track!!1!11” need not apply.

And that’s really it. Long story short we’re looking for the best of the best. To submit your level for feature simply reply in the comments with your level name and gamertag so we can search for it. YouTube videos (if they are HD) are welcome, but we can record them if necessary (and if you’re a featured track). Hit the jump for our first featured track, available as a sneak peek.

Track: AMA Supercross 4P

Gamertag: sVVa eXTR3MZ

Type: Supercross

To find this track enter Track Central, then select Get Tracks. When the menu comes up push the X button to do a custom search by gamertag.