RedLynx’s Jason Bates recently gave GameSpot a tour of Trials Evolution‘s updated track editor. It’s a major ‘evolution’ (har har) from the one found in Trials HD, which was impressive itself. This time around custom tracks are much easier to acquire. No longer will you need to have 20+ track-sharing folks on your friends list. Instead tracks upload to a central location and players can search for them via various methods. Similar to Halo Reach players can search for tracks via one of multiple canned searches or can perform a custom search.

The editor itself is even more impressive. As seen in the video above the Pro Editor can do much more than create scenarios for the rider and his bike. The above shows a top-down shmup (shoot em’ up), as well as a basic first-person shooter. Previously we’ve seen a top-down car racing game a la Micro Machines and an Angry Birds spoof using the editor. Bates promises that between the games two-by-four kilometer environment, 3D object editor, and the ability to script scenarios that players will only limited by their imaginations. Now it’s official: everyone is going to need to own Trials Evolution. So what will you create?

Source: GameSpot