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With the end of the world around the corner, that can only mean the Riders of Doom are almost here. The newest episode of RedLynx TV gives an in-depth breakdown of everything you should expect in the Riders of Doom DLC for Trials Evolution. The episode shows footage from a selection of the 20 new single-player tracks, 5 supercross tracks, and 10 skill games. These new tracks will be the hardest yet, but the new Banshee 350cc motorcycle can help you conquer the toughest obstacles. There’s also a preview of the new editor area, a 4km x 4km empty desert just waiting for you to fill it with your creations. If you haven’t picked up the Origins of Pain DLC yet don’t worry; the new DLC will include all the editor features from the previous DLC, plus plenty of new ones. The Riders of Doom DLC is coming soon and will cost 400MSP.