Trials Evolution is set to receive it’s first title update tomorrow, May 30 at 2:00 AM PST (10:00 AM GMT). As well as addressing a few issues with the game, the multiplayer leaderboards will also be reset. RedLynx have apologized for the reset, however they felt it was deemed necessary due to the large amount of corrupt data that entered the leaderboards when the servers were overloaded at launch. The reset will occur around four hours after the upgrade and for this reason it’s recommend that gamers do not play any multiplayer matches for around 4-6 hours after they receive the patch in case their new scores are accidentally purged. Full details of the patch are as follows:

Multiplayer Leaderboard writing issues – addressed a number of situations where proper scores were not being recorded to MP Leaderboards or rank was being reset
Multiplayer Stability issues – addressed a number of issues, including viewing Gamer Cards, Party play functionality, response time of multiplayer matchmaking, and situations where the game would occasionally lock or hang during multiplayer
General Stability – we have addressed some issues affecting general stability and random lockups. If you find new issues related to this, please report them to this thread
Editor issues – a number of issues in the editor were addressed, including enforcing a 22 checkpoint limit and some issues around the event trigger system
Scoring issues – a rare issue where track times were calculated incorrectly at the finish line has been addressed
Track Central – a number of issues were addressed, including track sorting issues, lockups when viewing Player-Created Track Leaderboards, and searching tracks by the “Ninja” difficulty tag
Skill Games – adjustments have been made to Icarus Factor, Exploding Man, Out of Gas, and Balls of Steel skill games to eliminate scoring loopholes

Trials Evolution was launched April 18 for 1200 MSP to overwhelming sucess. If you’re one of the two people who’ve still not “trialled” it (groan) then check out our review here and don’t forget to look out for Trials Tuesday where we showcase some of the best user created tracks.

Source: RedLynx Forums