Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain looks awesome. Like trade-in-your-AAA-title-for-MSP awesome. But for all that awesome the details of what it contains haven’t been highly publicized. Sure, everyone’s covered the obligatory “Here’s an announcement” post, but most of those didn’t go into much detail as to what the DLC will actually contain. We did some digging, and here’s what we know so far. There’s also a screenshot gallery and a summary at the bottom of the preview, so be sure to hit the jump for all the dirt.

Origins of Pain takes place on an all-new island–one that is 4km x 4km in size. It’s massive. By comparison the island that was shipped with the game is only 2km x 4km. We’re getting double the sandbox. Twice the playground. Two times the… well, you get the point. 36 new Trials tracks challenge players on this massive battlefield, and RedLynx once again shows us just what the in-game editor can do with a little imagination. Settings span from a circus to an aircraft graveyard. And it won’t be just Trials tracks. 10 new Supercross courses and an unknown number of Skill Games will be included. One image given to select press showed the rider grappling along a la Bionic Commando. Hold your girlish squeals in. There’s more.

RedLynx is big on listening to fans, especially when those fans fuel unlimited new content for their games. So when the fans asked for new editor features and objects, the developers delivered. 100 new objects have been added to the island, consisting of (among other things) a large cargo plane, a working circus canon, and a boat. New logic has been added and includes things such as vector math and teleportation tools. 30 new special effects are also bundled.

And then there’s our hero, the nameless rider. New gear has been added to outfit your rider with, including a suspiciously Halo-esque astronaut helment, a classic Spartan hoplite helmet complete with floor-sweeping bristles, and some classic, good ole’ Trials head gear. A new bike (literally) is also introduced: the BMX Gecko 520. Yep. BMX. We’re told it’s actually a fast ride, one that is equally responsive. Floor the right trigger without compensating and your rider will flip right over. Looks like a new challenge awaits all the ninja players out there.

So to summarize:

  • An all-new location, one that is twice the size of the original island
  • 36 new Trials tracks
  • 10 new Supercross tracks
  • New Skill Games
  • 100 new editor objects
  • New editor functions such as vector math
  • 30 new editor special effects
  • New rider gear, including crazy helmets
  • A BMX bike

It goes without saying that we’re giddy with anticipation for Origin of Pain. Trials HD was and still is beloved by much of the staff, and Evolution has blown our minds with it’s strong out-of-the-box presentation and the amazing community creations. Needless to say this will only open the door that much more to the limits of our imaginations. Look for it some time in the next month.