Hunter Jacket
For the man who treats killing Tubes as a sport.
Unlock method: Awarded for 150 personal shotgun kills.
Trench Armor
We really should build the trenches to better shield the pilot.  Unfortunately, this is your best option.
Unlock method: Awarded for 150 personal grenade launcher kills.
Battle Shirt
In an attempt to save on fresh water, Battle Shirts will only be washed once a month.  It’s probably best for everyone if you have another outfit on hand.
Unlock method: Available from the start.
Anchor Shirt
The Anchor shirt is perfect for showing off your Mobile Trench Brigade pride on casual Fridays.
Unlock method: Unlocked in the shop at Rank 3.
Aviator Jacket
When the Air Force was shut down, many pilots signed up for the Mobile Trench Brigade. Unfortunately, the skill set did not transfer over as the piloting controls are inverted.
Unlock method: Awarded for 3500 emplacements deployed across Regiment.
Bomber Jacket
Made from 100 cotton plants, the Bomber Jacket’s interior lining is so soft you’ll never want to take it off!
Unlock method: Awarded for 150 personal artillery kills.
Chemical Jacket
A Chemical Jacket is recommended for those at risk of repeated exposure to Monovision discharge.
Unlock method: Awarded for Regiment collecting 175,000 scrap.
Standard Uniform
The standard Mobile Trench Marine outfit.  Practical, stylish, manly.
Unlock method: Available from start.
Military Coat
Standard military issue.  A practical, durable, yet fashionable coat that says, “I mean business…and don’t I look good in this coat?”
Unlock method: Unlocked in the shop at rank 3.
Dress Uniform
The Dress Uniform is standard attire for the MTB Winter Ball. Unfortunately, the festivities have been canceled the past few years due to lack of female participation.
Unlock method: Awarded for 17,500 Regiment weapon kills.
Field Officer Jacket
This is the jacket that Field Officers wear.
Unlock method: Awarded for 350 Regiment mission victories.
Flak Jacket
Able to withstand the force of an atom being split in half, then split in half again…100 more times.
Unlock method: Unlocked in the shop at Rank 5.
Ghillie Suit
Originally designed to allow snipers to hide in tall grass, the Ghillie Suit doesn’t succeed as well at hiding a man in a giant walking trench.
Unlock method: Awarded for 150 personal sniper cannon kills.
Overall, these Overalls provide the best overall coverage over all parts of the body.
Unlock method: Unlocked in the shop at Rank 2.
Radio Jacket
The radio mostly just picks up static now, but every once in a while you can hear the squeal of a tube coming through.  Sometimes that’s all the motivation you need.
Unlock method: Awarded for 150 personal broadcaster kills.
Raz Sweater
Experimental clothing developed by the mysterious Psionic Weapons Division. Specifications, warnings, and instructions for use are all classified.
Unlock method: Awarded for 25,000 scrap collected.
Regiment Coat
A coat fit for a Queen.  Well, technically it’s fit for a marine, but the Queen would love it!
Unlock method: Unlocked in the shop at Rank 7.
Ripped Shirt
This shirt comes pre-ripped and distressed; perfect for pretending you don’t care about how you look!
Unlock method: Awarded for 14,000 Regiment emplacement kills.
Special Forces Jacket
The bullets may be fake, but there’s still no way you can wear this without looking like a complete badass.
Unlock method: Awarded for 150 personal Machine Gun kills.
Fine enough for both the most debonair espionage as well as a night at the opera.
Unlock method: Unlocked in the shop at Rank 10.