• Use a barrage or drivable vehicle to destroy your opponents turrets while your units head into their toy box.
  • Focus your attacks on the type of turrets that will be effective against the units you sent.
  • Mix up the types of units sent to keep your opponent on their toes.
  • Don’t spend so much time attacking your opponent that you forget to stay on top of your own defense.
  • If you get a barrage, save it until just before a powerful wave you’ve launched arrives at their base, then unleash it to destroy the defenses that stand in their way. Escorting your forces, whether with your commando, a vehicle you’ve purchased, or a barrage, can ensure that they reach the enemy toy box.
  • Mix up the units you send; if you send the same type of unit repeatedly, the enemy can make one turret to thwart your assaults.


  • When going for medals, don’t underestimate the usefulness of the level 2 and level 3 makeshifts. They may be fragile, but they are cheap and powerful.
  • Sometimes it is worthwhile to sell and rebuild a turret, keeping it in action, instead of repairing it.


  • Drivable vehicles are very powerful, but should be saved until they are needed.
  • Try to return the vehicle to the charger, it will be charged up and ready for action sooner.
  • Remember the pattern of enemies so that you can predict what will arrive next.


  • Don’t rely on your partner to repair / build / rotate units. They may be too busy destroying enemies.
  • If you are using the vehicle, and you have taken heavy damage, you should run out the charge so a new one is created. No one wants to hop in a vehicle on it’s last legs.
  • Work as a team! If you are low on money have your teammate repair, upgrade or buy units or vice-versa. Work together to get barrages- if you have one already let your partner get the 40X multiplier or the lucky star.


  • You can’t get a Platinum Medal if you use the Wavelist Rewind feature, the best you can get is gold, so if you lose a ticket and are going for platinum, you might as well restart the level.
  • Getting Gold in Profit: To get a gold medal in Profit you need 70% or above. A great trick for getting an extra boost of cash at the end of a level is to sell off as many turrets as you can right before the level ends. This can make all the difference when reaching for the Platinum.


  • Hot swap between units using the D-pad! You don’t lose your multiplier that way. . . besides, its faster.
  • Can’t find that last surviving infantry on the map? Hop in the Attack Chopper and use night vision! Problem solved.
  • Holding the Left Trigger down dramatically speeds up the strategy camera, and is a big help on moving between units quickly, and managing your base. In head-to-head multiplayer this extra speed can make all the difference.