Collateral Damage: Destroy 20 parked cars.
The quickest way to achieve this goal is take the tank back towards your Toy Box and on the left hand side full of parked cars.

Stopping Power Destroy 5 Medium Tanks using an Artillery turret.
You must build in Artillery turret, the level of turret does not matter. Once built and Medium Tanks (T-55) come out, take control of the turret and destroy 5 tanks.


  • Since everything spawns from one location this mission should be pretty easy.
  • Put an anti-tank and machine gun in front of the Toybox for stragglers
  • One machine gun in front and two anti-tanks should handle most things
  • Artillery as close to the front as possible is a good idea, both for the decoration and for surviving the level


Spawn Locations:

  • Fountain Right/Left (FR/L) – Paths for the enemies are somewhat determined by which side of the big huge fountain they spawn behind.

Wave 1
Air Drop Planes – 2

Wave 2
Air Drop Planes – 4

Wave 3
IFVs – 2 (FR, FL)

Wave 4
Medium Tanks – 4 (FR, FL)

Wave 5
IFVs – 4 (FR, FL)

Wave 6
Medium Tanks – 6 (FR, FL)

Wave 7
Air Drop Planes – 6 [infantry] Infantry – 60

Wave 8
Helo Gunships – 4

Wave 9
Screw Tanks – 8 (FR, FL)

Wave 10
Medium Tanks – 4 (FR, FL)
IFVs – 4 (FR, FL)

Wave 11
Heavy Tanks – 4 (FR, FL)

Wave 12
Attack Fighters – 6