Hard Counter: Shoot down 10 helicopters with an Anti-Air turret
This is as simple as it sounds, build an Anti-Air turret take control of it and take out 10 helicopters, it does not matter what level turret you are using.

Air Support: Destroy 100 units with a Helo Gunship
This should come through normal gameplay, but just to make sure focus on using the Helo Gunship as much as possible, any kill (vehicle, soldier) will count as a unit.


  • This mission is pretty straightforward because the path the enemies take is, well, straightforward.
  • Get some artillery cover on the main entrance and it’s almost guaranteed to kill anything when combined with anti-tank and machine gun platforms.
  • Personally man your anti-air so ensure they don’t live long, the longer they live, the more trouble they’ll give you.
  • Just get your anti-air upgraded by wave 4 and you should be fine.


Spawn Locations

  • Fortress (FT) – The big open fortress that you’re directly facing. It’s… pretty difficult to miss.
  • Fortress Right (FR) – There’s a small post on the right side of the wall where infantry sometimes spawn from.

Wave 1
Infantry – 20 (FT)

Wave 2
Infantry – 25 (FT)

Wave 3
Infantry – 20 (FR)

Wave 4
Helo Gunships – 2 (FT)

Wave 5
Helo Gunships – 2 (FT)

Wave 6
Helo Gunships – 2 (FT)

Wave 7
Helo Gunships – 4 (FT)

Wave 8
Infantry – 80 (FT, FR)

Wave 9
Armored Jeeps – 10 (FT)

Wave 10
Medium Tanks – 6 (FT)

Wave 11
Infantry x 100 (FT, FR)

Wave 12
Medium Tanks – 3 (FT)
IFVs – 5 (FT)

Wave 13
Medium Tanks – (FT)
IFVs – 4 (FT)

Wave 14
Helo Gunships – 2 (FT)

Wave 15
Helo Gunship – 6 (FT)

Wave 16
ATVs – 16 (FT)

<li>This level is the training level, the first couple waves are even slowed down at many points, just listen and read and observe the controls</li>
<li>That middle platform should definitely be a machine gun, but the outer three circles should be anti-tank</li>
<li>Be sure to have anti-air for the bomber round</li>
<li>Use the helicopter when able</li>