Refer to our Minigame guide for the two minigames at the start of this level

Engineer’s Debut: Upgrade any turret
This is achieved by simply upgraded your first turret, it will come though normal gameplay.

Earning Your Wings: Pilot an Attack Helo
Half through the level and Attack Helo will become availbe to you, simply take control of the vehicle and the decoration will be awarded.


  • This level is the training level, the first couple waves are even slowed down at many points, just listen and read and observe the controls
  • That middle platform should definitely be a machine gun, but the outer three circles should be anti-tank
  • Be sure to have anti-air for the bomber round
  • Use the helicopter when able

Boss Tips:

  • This boss is mostly a giant damage sponge, so hammer away with the front two anti-tank platforms until they get destroyed, after which they should be immediately rebuilt
  • Use the helicopter when able to take care of all the little bits and pieces that can be destroyed on the boss to make life easier
  • Make sure to use that back anti-tank if the Screw Tanks are getting past you


Spawn Locations:

  • GS – Gas station, it’s the big structure right in front of the platforms.


Wave 1
Armored Jeeps (GS)

Wave 2
Light Tank (GS)

Wave 3
Helo Gunships (GS)

Wave 4
Infantry (GS)

Wave 5
Jeeps (GS)

Wave 6
Tanks (GS)

Wave 7
Infantry (GS)
Jeeps (GS)

Wave 8
APC’s (GS, left entrance, right entrance)

Wave 9

Boss Battle: Antonov A-40

Stage 1
Screw Tanks

Stage 2
Drives around in an even more erratic method and fires a massive laser at the platforms.

Stage 3
Screw Tanks