If you follow the industry closely, you’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about things going on over at THQ as of late. Today however, we’re able to bring you something concrete; THQ is teaming up Seamus Blackley’s new development studio Innovative Leisure to bring a slate of new games to the market that will be be released on various digital download platforms. Blackley, known as the “father” of the original Xbox is joined by names such as Ed Logg, creator of Asteroids, Centipede, and Gauntlet, Van Burnham, Rich Adam, Tim Skelly, Owen Rubin, and Ed Rotberg who are collectively known as creators of arcade classics during gaming’s infancy. While we don’t know much about whats in development over at Innovative Leisure, our hopes are high that some of their efforts will appear on Xbox Live Arcade.

Source: VG247