With The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 4 available now on XBLA, we thought that fans might appreciate this terrifying shot of Clementine being ambushed by a walker to get them in the mood for a little post-apocalyptic adventuring.

On a similar note, writer Gary Whitta was recently interviewed about writing the The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 4 as reported by the Penny Arcade Report. Throughout the interview, Whitta referred to some of the tough choices that Telltale Games have been forcing players to make, in particular those which involve female characters or children. When asked about the difficulty of forcing difficult decisions on the player, Whitta had this to say: “This is one of the biggest conversations we’ve had, looking at the five or six critical choices, and trying to set the needle as close to 50/50 as possible and through play-testing and through our own experiences playing the game, seeing that the needle is where we want it.”

Whitta also talked up the importance of Clementine both as a narrative device and as a morale compass. “When you kill one of the [Snip – no spoilers here] and realize that Clementine was there and she saw it. People really freaked out when that happened!” he recalled. “It’s affected now the way we look at future choices.” The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 4 is already impressing players, and the full XBLA Fans review will arrive soon.

Source: Penny Arcade Report.