Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne miniseries is coming soon, or so a tweet by Telltale Director of Creative Communications Job Stauffer seems to intimate.

Stauffer got some playtime in with the game alongside the team that’s creating it yesterday. He called it “fresh” and “brutal” and revealed that it’s “about to sneak up on you… Be ready!”

In a follow-up tweet, Stauffer alluded to the amount of content that’s featured in the spinoff. “I’m at hour 3 of installing Fallout on PS4, longer than Michonne Episode 1,” he wrote.

Not done dropping tidbits yet, Telltale’s PR head responded to a question about when the studio will reveal first details about the third season of the main Walking Dead series. Presumably as part of a strategy to focus consumer attention on one Walking Dead product at a time, the absolute earliest Telltale plans to release any news on that front is after all Michonne episodes have released.

After this story was published, Stauffer reached out to XBLA Fans on Twitter to further clarify his point about episode length. Stauffer noted he was not explicitly saying the debut Michonne episode would be three hours long and that Telltale has not in fact established what the game’s length is yet. Continuing, he added that all Telltale episodes are designed to be played through in a single sitting.

Telltale first announced the Michonne miniseries back in June, saying at the time that it was targeting a fall release.

Source: @jobjstauffer via Destructoid