Telltale Games

In a recent Reddit AMA, the founders of Telltale Games, Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner, fielded questions about current and upcoming Telltale projects, their creative process, Valve’s SteamOS/SteamMachines, Linux gaming in general and developing for consoles. The line of questioning, however, that received the most traction and attention, focused on what IP’s Telltale should tackle in the future. Redditor dar343 asked what their top IP of choice would be, adding, “Disregard Star Wars, please makr [sic] Firefly.”

Kevin Bruner replied, noting that a Star Wars Telltale game would make him “VERY happy,” and hinted at an upcoming IP that hits all of his favorites. Later, Dan Connors hinted working on a few licenses that definitely fall into their “dream IP scenario.” What those dream IP’s could be is as much a mystery to us as it is to anyone outside Telltale, but there are certainly a few very exciting prospects that could fit very well with Telltale’s distinct gameplay style. A number of Redditors clamored for an Indiana Jones game, while even X-Files and Sherlock Holmes received a nod or two. DirtyKoala even suggested The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The top suggestion, though, was a continuation of Joss Whedon’s sci-fi/western classic, Firefly.

Source: Reddit, via Polygon