Super Mega Baseball 2 is free with Games with Gold for a couple more days as of this post. Make sure you download the title before that ends. This is a fantastic baseball game that should please both arcade and sim sports fans alike. The game’s unique Ego system balances gameplay fantastically when playing with friends of different skill levels. The game features a Pennant Race online mode, which works fantastically outside of a few issues with the rating system as of now. The developer, Metalhead Software, has continued to patch the game and look into fixes for problems, and we are optimistic that will get ironed out over time. The result is a game that is worth your time if you are even a casual baseball fan. If you haven’t already stepped into the batter’s box, here is why you should.

For those of you who have downloaded the game, you’ve probably noticed how incredibly deep it is. While the Ego system makes the game fully accessible to all players, as you get better and move the difficulty up, you’ll need to improve and learn even more about the game. We’ve broken down each major area for you below.

If you are a casual fan just looking to enjoy the game, we break down the basics you need to know in a quick video.

If you are a seasoned pro ready for taking on 99 Ego, these tips might be a tad more applicable to you.

Super Mega Baseball has fully customizable leagues and teams. We made the Team Xbox Scorpios. The Phil Spencer is pretty uncanny if I do say so myself.

Not sure what each pitch means or does? We have you covered. This video covers the basics of what each pitch is and when you’d want to use them.

Want a more detailed guide to pitching focused on high-level online play? We have you covered.

Most players we’ve talked to have found hitting to be the most difficult aspect of Super Mega Baseball 2. I walk through my thought process and give my general approach to hitting below.

Having a hard time hitting for power? We have a full video teaching you how to hit home runs easier. (We also have one on the Distinguished Dinger Achievement).

If you are looking to score more runs without power swinging every time we recommend learning to get aggressive on the basepaths. Stealing bases, tagging up and hit and runs can be vital to your success.

Need help on defense, specifically when it comes to dealing with aggressive players? We have you covered.

We have a few other miscellaneous tips that are hard to categorize. If you are enjoying the game here are six things you might not have realized you can do.

Here are a few mistakes we see made during online play constantly. Fix these, and you will get better very quickly.

If you are new to the game and struggling to pick a team, I genuinely love the Wideloads and Grapplers. You can find all our Super Mega Baseball 2 video content here.