If you aren’t excited for The Cave yet, now is the time to start. This adventure from Double Fine will be releasing in January of next year, and its listing on Microsoft’s marketplace ensures it has passed certification. Fans of Monkey Island will notice Ron Gilbert’s creative humor in the trailer above.

The Cave is a 2D adventure game with seven playable characters, each with their own quirky stories and abilities displayed in the trailer. You pick three characters to switch between as you solve puzzles and fight bosses. You can even share these characters with two other players in online or local co-op. Depending on your chosen characters, your solution to a puzzle may be different than another player’s. As with any game from Ron Gilbert, you can expect some of these solutions to joke with reality. Broken vending machine? Dump some water on it!

With an expansive talking underground maze to discover, any fans of adventure games like Shadow Complex or Trine will definitely want to check this one out.