Barkers Crest Studios, creator of the XBLIG hit Avatar Golf; have been hard at work on their latest game, The Avatar Legends. The game is a build your own adventure Action-RPG where your Xbox Live avatar is the hero. Of course, a single player campaign will also be included along with many more features. But the true beauty of the game is the user creativity tools and sharing options. The Avatar Legends will release sometime during late April and will include the following features:

10+ hour single player adventure.

– Level up your character by earning XP.

– Complete quests to earn gold for purchasing better equipment.

– Fun and engaging story line.

Up to 6 players Xbox LIVE Multiplayer

– Conquer multiplayer maps with friends to earn Gold and XP for character leveling.

– Global High Scores.

– Join matches in progress.

Level Designer


– Build terrain, add trees, water and structures to your map.

– Setup combat waves ( enemies )

– Players can download the custom maps to their hard drives after playing them.

Single Player

– Tell your story in the story designer.

– Define all of the quests and objectives for the player to complete.

– Define all of the items in your world, such as swords, shields, magic, and general world items like books, rings, etc…

– Place your friends on your maps and give their words life in the dialogue designer.

– Trigger events to change weather, show/hide objects, give rewards (gold, xp, world items), complete quests…

– Define your enemy types and place them on your map inside combat zones.

– Unlockable Titles

– Unlimited Replay Value

– Much, much, more!!!