A Game of Thrones Xbox

According to an IGN report yesterday, Telltale’s upcoming Game of Thrones tie-in is to receive consultancy support from none other than Ty Franck – the man best known as George R. R. Martin’s assistant and also the co-creator of The Expanse series of novels. According to the report, Franck was assigned by HBO, which is of course responsible for the extremely popular television series.

Although details about the Game of Thrones game are scarce, and there is literally no information about characters, setting or timeline available just yet, the news that Franck has been brought in to assist the existing writing staff can only be seen as beneficial. Here’s hoping that his intimate knowledge of both Martin’s mind and I.P., in addition to his own creative experience, will lead to an even better-than-usual gaming experience.

Source: The New York Times via IGN