Fez Cube Guide – Main Hub – Ruins Area

Welcome to the Ruins, called as such because there’s really no other distinguishing feature about them. Oh well. Let’s have at them, shall we?

First off, let’s go climb …
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Fez Cube Guide – Central Hub – 4, 8 and 16 Cube Doors (Zunu and Zu)

Fez isn’t all puzzles, jumping and shifting. There are things to be learned, tales to be told and doors to be opened. If you’re here at the Central Hub, then …
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Fez Cube Guide – Industrial Area

The Industrial Area, with its brick and neon color palette, metal pipes, railings and supports and shifting platforms, is finally ours to explore and conquer! To start, let’s get …
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Fez Cube Guide – Mausoleum Area

DUN DUN DUNNN… dramatic. The Mausoleum Area is so-named because it’s, y’know, cryptic. Ahem. Moving on, let’s observe even just the entrance to this place! The trick here is …
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Fez Cube Guide – Observatory Area

Ahh, space. It’s a wonderous thing, isn’t it? Yes. It is. Let’s get to work.

The very first bit of the Observatory is connecting straight up from the Main …
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Fez Cube Guide – Sewers Area

It wasn’t enough to imply that this place is the sewers, they had to make the whole area green. Feels so gross after being out in the air. In …
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Fez Cube Guide – Skip to The Big Puzzles (Spoilers)

In Fez there are three major codes to decipher, mysterious stones, wandering rodents, and things that are generally perplexing. Each and every one of those puzzles (read, each and every …
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Fez Cube Guide – End Game

Welcome to the end of the game! If you’re here, you’ve gone through the 32 cube door, much like a boss. Since this is all story related, we’re not going …
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