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Kim Swift talks Quantum Conundrum, Portal, and a whole lot more

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The folks over at Gamasutra have posted an interesting Q&A with Kim Swift, the lead designer of the mega-popular Portal and the designer of the XBLA-bound FPS/puzzler Quantum Conundrum. …
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More puzzling videos from Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum was announced at PAX Prime this year coming from Kim Swift and Airtight Games with Square Enix publishing. We’ve seen the game in action before but here’s an official trailer that sets the scene for the game as you figure out what dimension your crazy uncle inventor ended up in. After the break, you’ll see another gameplay demo featuring Kim Swift utilizing all of the dimensions from fluffy to slow-time to reverse-gravity. The design when it comes to some of these puzzles looks intelligent and looks to get more challenging as you progress, be on a lookout for this title in early 2012.
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From the mind of Portal comes Quantum Conundrum

With a name like Quantum Conundrum, who’s to say what you’re going to expect. But knowing that it’s from Kim Swift, one of the designers on the original Portal, …
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