With a name like Quantum Conundrum, who’s to say what you’re going to expect. But knowing that it’s from Kim Swift, one of the designers on the original Portal, expect a unique take on puzzling gameplay. Since Portal she’s left Valve and joined Airtight Games to work on this new project with Square Enix publishing. The story begins with a young kid who’s been left on his doorstep of his crazy scientist uncle. But there’s an explosion and the kid left to find out where his uncle is and must solve all these puzzles in his huge mansion. Fortunately, he has a interdimensional shift device or IDS which lets him shift between dimensions for puzzles in case something is too heavy or too light. As you’ll see in the video above, he can’t quite carry a whole chair or safe by himself but if he switches to a fluffy dimension he can bounce objects to higher places. This looks to be something unique and creative with the amount of depth in the dimensions, be sure to look out for this one on XBLA in 2012.

Sources: Gamespot, Kotaku