The folks over at Gamasutra have posted an interesting Q&A with Kim Swift, the lead designer of the mega-popular Portal and the designer of the XBLA-bound FPS/puzzler Quantum Conundrum. They start off with a discussion of the inevitable comparisons Quantum Conundrum and Portal will draw and a bit about how Kim came to be at Airtight Games. There’s not really any new information about the game itself, but there’s a great amount of detail regarding how the mechanics and the levels have developed, delving into things like why levels are lit a certain way. It’s an interesting read if you want to know more about the process involved in designing a game. Besides, it’s an interview with Kim Swift, who seems like one of the coolest people in gaming at the moment. You won’t be disappointed. Check out the cool videos we’ve posted of Quantum Conundrum so far, and stay tuned here for more info as we get it.