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Friday new releases: September 23, 2016
4 years ago

Friday new releases: September 23, 2016

Two new Friday releases, plus a sneaky Thursday launch, round up this week on Xbox One. First-person thriller Virginia released on Thursday for $9.99. Experience a missing person investigation through …
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Dream Chronicles Review (XBLA)
10 years ago

Dream Chronicles Review (XBLA)

Dream Chronicles was developed by KatGames and published by Hudson Soft for XBLA on October 20th, 2010. Retails for 800 Microsoft Points. The publisher provided a copy of the game for reviewing purposes.

Dream Chronicles
You’d be forgiven for having not heard of Dream Chronicles, a port of a 2007 PC game released with little fanfair on the same day as Super Meat Boy and Costume Quest. Dream Chronicles is a hidden object game for the most part with some puzzle and adventure elements thrown in for good measure, with a style very reminiscent of Myst and similar games.

You play as Faye an occupant of the Village of Wish which has had a spell cast over it causing all humans to fall asleep. Faye’s husband (Fidget who we discover is actually a fairy) managed to awaken Faye before being captured by the Fairy Queen of Dreams, Lilith. It is Lilith who is responsible for Wish’s current slumber. You must find your way to Fidget but Lilith uses her magic to slow you down at every opportunity. Read More