Rumor: Awesomenauts DLC character info discovered
8 years ago

Rumor: Awesomenauts DLC character info discovered

Remember that new DLC character Ronimo Games just announced for Awesomenauts earlier today? GameFAQs member MirorB claims he’s discovered just about every element of the two DLC characters he claims are named Coco Nebulon (the girl recently announced) and Derpl Zork. He claims to have explored the .DDS files and found an unrefined picture of the characters’ sprites (below). Since then he’s posted the description, (some) base stats, move sets and an entire upgrade list of both characters. Since the first post wherein he posted a screen capture of the files he was viewing, no further evidence has been provided. However, having reviewed all of the upgrades, we believe the format is in-line with Ronimo’s build development methods.

Months ago a minor leak was captured by members on the Awesomenauts forums noting two characters, a slug and a girl with goggle, when Ronimo Games posted a screen grab to their Facebook with the DLC characters on it. We now know the girl with goggles is real, so the slug probably is as well.

Here’s the description of both characters: Read More