Strategic first-person shooter Superhot is now set to release on Xbox One sometime next month, developer Superhot Team announced today.

The game is aptly described as a shooter “in which time moves only when you move.” Well, that’s not entirely apt, actually. Time always moves in Superhot, but it slows to a crawl as long as the player stays still. The second you move, however, things speed up, and every enemy on the screen throws caution to the wind and sprints to attack you. A single hit from an enemy means instant death, so players need to carefully plan out every single movement they make in order to stay alive.

Superhot was originally planned for a summer 2015 release, but it missed that window and went quiet until today’s announcement. PC gamers will now get it first on February 25, while Xbox gamers will have to wait a few more weeks for an unspecified March release date.

For more on Superhot, check out the PC launch trailer above or read XBLA Fans’ preview here.