SuperGiant games, the creators of Bastion, just announced on Twitter a reveal trailer for their upcoming game Transistor. You can see it above! As for whether or not this will come to XBLA, SuperGiant’s official website says, “We have not yet decided on which platform or platforms the game will be available for.” However, based on its similar look and style to Bastion, we’re optimistic. With its projected release speculating 2014, it’s quite possible that it could be going to the next generation platforms that are yet to officially exist.

With hand-drawn artwork portraying a futuristic city skyline, the trailer teases, “Everybody has a voice in Cloudbank. Now the city’s most influential voices are vanishing one by one. It is Red’s turn.” Red, the protagonist, wields what looks like a sword in an isometric action style similar to Bastion. It also appears there will be some two-dimensional platforming or driving segments. We’ll be playing an early build of the game when we go to PAX this weekend, so look for our impressions there!