Several details on the upcoming Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition release have come forth from Capcom’s Seth Killian. In an interview with Destructoid, Seth talked on some of the training modes, nifty online features and other superficial (and yet awesome) details that will give SFIII‘s return to glory a little something EX-tra for the fans. The video can be found after the jump, but here’s a quick list of the features mentioned in the interview:

  • As you play, challenges show up that can be achieved for currency used in the game’s vault unlock system. There are hundreds of them and they get more and more difficult as you progress.
  • The menu features redrawn portraits of each of the characters. While which character is random, your most-played character has greater favor with the gods of randomness.
  • Several settings to customize your fighting experience including standard or widescreen, filters that change the game’s look from new to old or more like the arcade and more.
  • Different chip sets including the re-balanced version as well as the initial version complete with unblockables.
  • Trials to learn the mechanics of the game or a specific character ranging from easy to hard; parry one fireball or parry all of Chun-li’s super as Diago did that famous Evo.
  • GGPO online network coding, tournament modes, spectating, pre-game button remapping and Youtube match uploads give SFIII Online Edition a robust showing on the XBLA.

Source: Destructoid