Kotaku continues its string of leaked news on LucasArts’ downloadable shooter, Star Wars: First Assault. Early gameplay footage and an introduction sequence that seems to spoof Halo: Reach were brought to light yesterday. This follows three additional screenshots released the day prior which depict Cloud City and Tatooine. Kotaku previously confirmed that the first two screens were indeed real grabs from the game.

The first news for the game was leaked last fall via promotional art found on (since removed). According to Kotaku, the game was to have a closed beta last September, with a release sometime this spring. In late October Darth Mickey and his apprentice Lord Goofy stepped in and purchased LucasFilm and all its subsidiaries, including LucasArts.  Since that time the game has continued production, but its fate remains unknown.

Sith jokes aside, Disney seems to be taking a new direction with Star Wars. All current games, announced or otherwise, have been frozen until they decide how to handle the Star Wars property. This includes Star Wars: 1313 and First Assault. This comes with coinciding news from LucasFilm that the highly successful animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars would cease production, and that story arcs would be cleared up in “bonus content”. With Episode VII in the works the rumor is that LucasFilm and its child companies will focus on the future of Star Wars.

Kotaku’s source informed readers that voicing interest may be the only way to save the game. “Fans should tell Disney/Lucas loud and clear they don’t want shitty titles from random developers; they want games to be taken seriously, and they will only pay for quality,” said the source. Hit the jump for screenshots and the opening animation.

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UPDATE: Per request of LucasArts, we have removed all images and video.