Five Xbox Live Arcade titles, including two from Double Fine, have had their prices temporarily cut. Costume Quest, Stacking, Voltron, Warhammer 40K: Kill Team and Apples to Apples have all seen price reductions of 50% as part of the THQ Publisher Sale. The deal applies to both Gold and Silver account members. In addition, all downloadable content for Stacking, Costume Quest and Apples to Apples has been reduced to half price. But are the games any good?

Andrew Crews told the world in no uncertain terms that Stacking was: “Double Fine has hit another home run with Stacking”, he announced, before slapping our most prestigious award (buy it) to the review. A safe-bet there. The expansion (The Lost Hobo King) was well received too.

Ryan Reynolds waxed lyrical about Costume Quest in our Rewind Review: “Costume Quest represents a bright ray of light in the face of an increasingly serious industry. […] it’s one of the best RPGs we’ve played in years.” No faint praise and he mustered up some more love for the Grubbins on Ice DLC.

Apples to Apples fared less favourably while we declared Warhammer 40K: Kill Team  to be “one of the finer action games to hit XBLA in quite some time.”

Finally, Voltron scored a tentative ‘try it’:

If you love twin stick shooters, even if you aren’t steeped in the lore of Voltron, you’ll find this a solid game.” said Steve Melton before providing a caveat. “On the other hand die hard fans of the series looking for a different style are going to swallow a bitter pill.”

Information on all sales currently running on Xbox Live can be found here.