After Microsoft opened up the door for cross-platform play, Sony has been left to respond to whether they would be open to cross-platform play as well. One of the big hurdles people believed would prevent this from happening would be the technical side of cross-platform play between the two console leaders. Now, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has stated that the technical side of cross-platform play may not be that difficult.

“We also have to look at the technical aspect,” explained Yoshida, “The technical aspect could be the easiest.” With this comment an aspect that many people believed would be a challenge for connecting the two networks, now no longer seems so. Yoshida also made sure to note that other aspects of connecting the two networks would be more of an issue. “We also have to look at policy issues and business issues as well,” stated Yoshida.

In an interview with GameSpot, PlayStation Executive Adam Boyes also discussed the topic of cross-platform play. Boyes explained that depending on how much interest developers and publishers have in the feature will be a key determinate on whether they implement it or not. “And it really comes back to developers and publishers that are interested in those kinds of things. So we’re always willing to have the conversation,” said Boyes. Boyes noted that the PlayStation community itself could also impact whether cross-platform play will be added or not, explaining that if the community wanted it they would be willing to look into it.

These comments follow the announcement of cross-platform play for Rocket League on Xbox One. It also comes after Microsoft’s Chris Charla issued “an open invitation for other networks to participate” in cross-platform play, as well as Sony initially side stepping the invitation.

Source: GameSpot