Smite Xbox One Preview

Yesterday, Major Nelson announced on the Xbox Daily show that Smite would be part of the Summer Spotlight. On July 8th, Smite will transition from closed beta to open beta. Hi-Rez has promised a smooth transition including no data wipes of presently earned Gods, currency, achievements and more.

We reached out to Hi-Rez to confirm if Xbox One achievements would launch alongside the the open beta or in a prior patch. At this time, we haven’t been given a definitive answer. We will continue to check on this and update if we get a full confirmation on the timing.

If you are interested in getting access to Smite prior to the launch date, you can still buy the Smite Founders Pack for $30 which includes access to the game, all current and future gods, two exclusive God skins and 400 gems (premium currency). This bundle honestly is a steal if you know you are a fan of the game or the MOBA genre. Check out Nathan’s thoughts here and here.