During the Xbox Daily: Live @ E3 show Major Nelson announced a new promotion called Summer Spotlight. Summer Spotlight is about highlighting some of the best digital games launching on the platform this Summer. Major Nelson seemed very deliberate with his word choice implying that this promotion might not only be XBLA style indie games or ID games. At the moment, only three games are announced: Kings Quest, Smite, and Toy Soldiers War Chest.

King’s Quest is a revival by Activision’s Sierra and The Odd Gentleman capturing the classic feel of Kings Quest while adding their own twist and some modernizations. Smite is a third person MOBA by Hi-Rez that we have been playing in closed beta for a few months. Check out Nathan’s thoughts here and here. Toy Soldiers War Chest is a unique spin on the classic Toy Soldiers formula giving players access to multiple armies of toys including He-Man.

We have reached out to Microsoft for more information and will update when we receive any details.