Smite Patch 4.8 released on Xbox One yesterday. With it brought achievements for Ganesha as well as a licensed Bob Ross Sylvanus skin. The Bob Ross bundle includes Bob Ross Sylvanus, a Loading Frame, Loading Screen Skin and Paint Splatter Jump Stamp. There were also new skins for Erlang Shen, Sol, Thoth, Kuzenbo and Thanatos.


Two aura items saw buffs whereas Hasten Fatalis, a core hunter item, saw a clear nerf in the form of a price increase. Ares saw a minor buff to his base physical protection stats. Chronos received what should be an early game buff to help him reach late game. Itzanmi saw her escapes mana cost reduced giving her a bit more room to play aggressively early. Jing Wei saw a buff with added physical power now when using her agility ability. Kukulkan saw his main ability receive a reduced mana cost at max rank. Ravana was seen as over buffed and has since been tuned down a bit with slightly lower DPS reduction. His 10 Hand Shadow Fist also saw a damage decrease.  Serqet received a slight nerf for fights where she doesn’t fully commit, as her Catalyst Poison proc was reduced for 2 hits but remains the same for 3. Sun Wukong saw increases in two of his abilities physical power scaling which should buff his later game. Terra saw a small nerf in the movement speed received from her ult.  For full patch notes click here.

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