Enjoying 17-BIT‘s samurai-themed real-time strategy title Skulls of the Shogun? If you’ve picked it up, odds are you are – the game currently sits on a kushy 80 rating on Metacritic, with many reviews lauding the game’s handsome cel-shaded graphics and deep strategy elements (we quite liked it as well). Now fans can enjoy a bit of Shogun on the go – the game’s soundtrack is available digitally.

17-BIT has made the soundtrack available through major digital music distribution channels. The tracks are a collaboration between musicians Makyo and Sam Bird, weaving music inspired by classic samurai films and dub into Skulls of the Shogun. “I usually work with Indian and middle-eastern instruments…so this was a nice chance to explore Japanese instrumentation for a change,” Makyo said in a press release. “Each season needed to have a different feel, so I made a point of using different instrumentation for every track, including shamisen, shakuhachi, and sanshin.”

Skulls of the Shogun is available on XBLA for 1200 MSP; the soundtrack is available on Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.