Skullgirls has been around lately, very around, going from convention to convention to fighting event to fighting tournament, all the while having all sorts of updates made to it (sometimes on the fly). We in fact have gotten plenty of coverage of their trip to EVO as well as an exclusive interview with Reverge Labs about their upcoming game, who recently told us they’d be releasing characters a bit more often as they approach release. Case in point, following a redesign of their home page which showcases the released characters, the fifth fighter, named Ms. Fortune, has snuck onto the Characters page. The characters page contains all sorts of background info on the character including their likes and dislikes, age, all manner of dimensions, and some back story. Here’s Ms. Fortune’s:

A feline feral, Nadia Fortune is the last surviving member of the Fishbone Gang, a notorious band of otherwise Dagonian thieves. Their last mission ended in tragedy: a failed attempt to steal the mysterious Life Gem from Lorenzo Medici resulted in their grisly deaths. Before meeting her own doom, Ms. Fortune swallowed the Life Gem and managed to digest it. The Gem’s power permeated her entire body, making it truly undying… even after being cut into several pieces.

Now hiding in the shadows of Little Innsmouth, Ms. Fortune plots to avenge her fallen comrades.

While the first three girls all have videos up, Parasoul (announced at Evo) and this new character, Ms. Fortune, do not, so stay tuned to see those go up.